Water Chemistry: Why It Matters

Your filter system is designed to keep your water clean, but a lot more goes into properly fine-tuning your water’s chemistry.

To do so, it’s important to monitor and adjust the chemical balance of your pool water to ensure your water stays clear, safe and comfortable. By not properly treating your water, you’ll inevitably be welcoming bacteria and disease-carrying microorganisms into your water. Poor water chemistry can also result in equipment damage, cloudy and foul-smelling water, and swimmer discomfort.

Did you know the quality of pool products can greatly impact your water, and your swimmers’ comfort?

High-quality pool products – like those available at Shawnee Pools – are more pure than those available at big-box retail stores, having a higher concentration of active ingredients, and therefore less fillers and binders. Only select specialty swimming pool stores, like ours, are authorized to sell these premium products.

You may wonder why that matters to you – here are just a few reasons why:

  • LESS PRODUCT – Our premium products have a higher concentration of active ingredients, which means you’ll need less to maintain or correct your pool water.

  • NO BINDERS OR FILLERS – Our products don’t contain binders and fillers. For example, the chlorine tablets you purchase from us are formed into tablets with pressure and heat, whereas the low-grade products at big-box retail stores are essentially glued together with binding agents that are left behind in the water. Our products don’t use these, so there aren’t any binders left behind in your water.

  • LESS SIDE EFFECTS – These binders and fillers that are left behind can lead to your pool equipment having to working harder, and can leave unsightly side effects on your water. These binders and fillers are known to clog chlorinators, make your water cloudy, and even leave a foul smell and taste in your water.

  • AVOID WATER CHEMISTRY CHALLENGES – We have seen, time and time again, how low-grade products available at big-box stores can cause water chemistry problems. By using high-quality products from the get-go, you can avoid having to purchase a variety of specialty products to correct water chemistry.

  • LONGEVITY – Our premium products will actually last longer in your pool. For example, with the chlorine tablets, it all goes back to how they were made. Pressure/heat-formed tablets will slowly dissolve in your water, ensuring a slow, steady release of chlorine to help maintain water chemistry. On the other hand, lower-grade tablets tend to crumble and release chlorine more sporadically.

  • SWIMMER WELL-BEING – Beyond the sights and smells of your water, your swimmers will appreciate the enhanced comfort of water treated with premium products, including less skin irritation and not having red eyes.