Pool Products & Supplies

To help you keep your pool in optimum working condition, our retail store is stocked with a complete line of top-quality swimming pool equipment and products from the best manufacturers in the business. This ongoing maintenance and attention will reduce your need for repairs, and will allow you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor oasis.

chemical productS

Shawnee Pools offers several options to help you keep your water clean, safe, clear and soft. Our retail store is equipped with a full line of chemicals including Baquacil, Poolife, Natural Chemistry, SeaKlear, Frog Mineral Water, BaquaSpa and Brilliance for spas. Our water chemistry experts can review a range of options with you, from salt chlorination solutions to chlorine-free Baquacil options, to help you find the best option for your needs. Contact our experts to learn more.


Automatic Pool Covers   

A pool cover is a valuable tool for maintaining your outdoor oasis, as they provide a number of benefits. In addition to keeping dirt and leaves out of your pool, they provide an element of safety by isolating the water, making it less enticing for curious children and pets. Some covers are even strong enough to hold the weight of several people.

Covers also significantly reduce heating costs, chemical use, energy usage and evaporation. Coverstar’s automatic pool cover helps reduce water evaporation and heat loss up to 70 percent. This cover will also keep pool chemicals from dissipating, resulting in electricity savings by reducing the number of filtration cycles. Click here to learn more about products providing energy efficiency.


Diving Boards & Pool Slides     

Add a sense of fun and entertainment to your pool with a diving board and pool slide. With a wide variety of options, Shawnee Pools has the perfect solution for every pool.


Basketball & Volleyball Games

Turn your pool into a recreational hotspot by adding accessories to facilitate basketball and volleyball games.


Pool Cleaners & Pumps  

Shawnee Pools offers a wide variety of pool cleaners and pumps to keep your pool operating at its best performance. Our automatic pool cleaners provide energy efficiency, at just 5 cents an hour to operate, while cleaning your pool, floor, walls and waterline. Our variable rate pumps provide energy savings – up to 90 percent over traditional pumps – and are simple to use and program. Click here to learn more about products providing energy efficiency.


Heat Pumps & Pool heaters

Heat pumps allow you to enjoy your pool more often by keeping the water at constant temperatures. Pool heaters provide quick heat-up for weekend parties and work in any outside temperature. 


pergulas & Tiki Bars

Take your outdoor living space to the next level by adding a pergula or tiki bar — or both! Our fiberglass pergulas from Arbor Direct are low maintenance and come in a variety of style and color options.