View some of our recent work!

We wanted to share some of our recent work. If you have any questions, or would like to speak to one of our expert designers to put your backyard dreams on paper, contact us today!

Deck Jets.JPG

Inground pool with deck jets

One-Piece Fiberglass Picture.jpg

Ft. Wayne pool with automatic cover

Ft. Wayne Pool w automatic cover and corner step and recessed ladder.JPG

Ft. Wayne vinyl liner pool with automatic cover and 11' Roman steps

Ft. Wayne pool with automatic cover, corner steps and recessed ladder

Swimcraft Pool w Poured step and Sunledge.JPG

Swimcraft pool with poured steps and sun ledge

Swimcraft Random Landscape.JPG

Swimcraft random landscape pool


Under Track automatic cover and hinged ladder

Viking Caribbean wG-Force Slide and Water Cascades.JPG

Viking Caribbean pool with G-Force slide and water cascades

Viking Lakeshore .JPG

Viking Lakeshore pool

Swimcraft  Pool with poured steps.JPG

Swimcraft  pool with poured steps

Swimcraft pool  w poured concrete steps.JPG

Swimcraft pool with poured concrete steps

Swimcraft Pool w Adrenaline Slide.jpg

Swimcraft pool with Adrenaline slide

Swimcraft Pool w automatic cover and recessed ladder and corner step.jpeg

Swimcraft pool with automatic cover, recessed ladder and corner steps

Swimcraft pool with automatic cover

Poured Concrete Steps.JPG

Poured concrete steps

Poured step and Basketball Game deckmounted.JPG

Poured steps and deck-mounted basketball game

Poured Sun Ledge.jpg

Poured sun ledge

Recessed Ladder.JPG

Recessed ladder

Ft. Wayne Vinyl Liner w corner step and Wild Ride Slide.jpeg

Ft. Wayne vinyl liner pool with corner steps and Wild Ride slide

Ft. Wayne Vinyl Liner wUndertrack Auto Cover.JPG

Ft. Wayne vinyl liner with Under Track automatic cover

Poured Concrete Step (2).JPG

Poured concrete steps

Poured Concrete Step.jpg

Poured concrete steps

Poured concrete steps and ledge.JPG

Poured concrete steps and sun ledge