Going Green with Energy Efficiency

Shawnee Pools offers a variety of products that help you go green by obtaining energy efficiency.

Coverstar Automatic Pool Cover

  • Reduces water evaporation and heat loss up to 70 percent
  • Keeps pool chemicals from dissipating
  • Saves electricity by reducing necessary filtration cycles
  • Keeps pool cleaner by protecting pool from dirt and leaves


Pentair SuperMAX Variable Speed Pumps

  • Provides energy savings of up to 80 percent over traditional pumps
  • Provides an affordable price for replacement applications
  • Ideal for pools requiring up to 1.5 hp pump
  • User-friendly and easy to program
  • Provides three programmable speed settings


Dolphin Supreme M4 Automatic Cleaner

  • Provides energy efficiency – at just 5 cents an hour to operate
  • Cleans pool, floor, walls and waterline
  • Comes with convenient caddy and an additional third brush for active scrubbing


Delta Ultraviolet Water Sanitation

  • Drastically reduces chemical use
  • Destroys more microorganisms than chlorine and salt systems
  • Won't erode pool surface or equipment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No smell, red eyes, dry skin or damaged hair


Hayward Summit Heat Pump

  • Constant temperature and energy savings
  • Profiled fan blade ensures efficient air flow
  • Acoustic compressor cover minimizes sound level
  • Titanium heat exchanger designed for durability
  • Cabinet is anticorrosive to withstand harsh climate   
  • Quiet operation


Maytronics Solara Solar Panels

  • Free energy using the sun to heat your pool
  • Uses polymeric glazed insulation panels to create greenhouse effect to trap heat
  • Raises pool water temperature by up to 10 degrees