Custom Pool Features

Transform your pool into the outdoor oasis of your dreams with custom pool features. These various options add a touch of luxury to your poolscape. Add a touch of luxury to any of our pools with a tanning ledge, complete with lounge chairs.



Lighting can add a whole new ambiance to your poolscape. You can highlight your pool with colored LED lighting and can program the lights to change colors or remain a constant color. The sky is really the limit!        


Spa Spillover

Create the best of both worlds by adding a spa to your poolside. Then create a water spillover that creates a natural waterfall! This feature is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to any swimming pool.


Stamped Concrete Deck        

Concrete is the most common pool deck option because of its affordability and durability. Our expert installation team can add a sense of beauty to concrete by staining and stamping it to look more like stone, brick or tile.



cascades & deck jets   

Cascades and deck jets bring an elegant touch to your poolscape, while adding the soothing sound of falling water. With today's technology, a variety of options are available, from simple to ornate.